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Review Scary Terry Celtics Hoodie

Good thing we have home-court advantage but I'd feel better if we steal one in Cleveland. Its definitely possible... I still think we win the series though.And here come all the LeBron lovers to tell me how wrong and dumb I am for my opinion lol Saying this BEFORE they show up... I'm expecting it [...]

Tháng Năm 22nd, 2018|

Review Fortnite Nike Sweater

Ninjas actually a good person. You saying people should be shot in the head makes you contribute to the negativity, soooo.... should you be shot as well?  I was obsessed with Pubg, it’s been out longer, I started playing Fortnite I always talked shit about it, but I actually enjoyed it and it was a nice change [...]

Tháng Năm 14th, 2018|

Review Fortnite Just Play It Shirt

I need 49 people to carry me (sorry my grammar sucks just like my skill).  FORTNITE IS BANNING PLAYERS FOR CHEATING EVEN THO YOU DONT USE CHEATS BRUH LITERALLY!!!????  I'm at work would anyone be cool enough to send a screen shot of the dailies and features . I want this outfit!!!! Whenever I get home [...]

Tháng Năm 12th, 2018|

Weight Lifting Gym Unicorn V Necked Shir For Ladies

I now intend to message this MORON Jeff Peterson, and tell him how disgusting his remark is...anybody with me...?  Dean Smith is the greatest coach. I did'nt know Tarheel basketball when I moved to N.C..I was hooked after a couple of games. He is a true teacher and a roll model. Happy Birthday Coach Smith, [...]

Tháng Năm 11th, 2018|

House Deadpool We Are Touching Our Selves Every Night Tank Top

It’s released here in Aus next Wednesday 16th - check your local, they should be advertising it now. She's '70s Blaxploitation Domino, and that's just damn freakin' COOL IMHO. I can handle it. Screw the rest of all y'all. Leon Benjamins looks nothing like a pizza place.... oh thought you said Dominos... Too bad. I'm [...]

Tháng Năm 9th, 2018|

Review Thanos Salt Bae Sweater and Thanos Was Right Sweater

It is a Mexican holiday celebrated in the US and Mexico. Go to Spain or further south in the Americas and ppl don't know about Thanos Was Right Shirt. inco de Mayo is more of a US Holiday than a Mexican one, because real Mexican Independence day falls on September 16 th. I live in Arizona, [...]

Tháng Năm 8th, 2018|

Thanos Was Right Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater

We just got back from the 3D showing.I am happy to say Marvel knocked it out of the park with Thanos. A complex character indeed. Not your typical super villain. I remember feeling the same way when I read the first infinity war comics arc back in the 90's. A love to hate, sympathetic character. [...]

Tháng Năm 7th, 2018|

Vote For Pedro Tee

Tom Brady torched that pathetic secondary with Vote For Pedro Shirt at age 40. Your SB win came down to time of possession and whose defense sucks more tbh. Don’t tell me you weren’t trembling in your boots in those final two minutes LOL. Patriots o-line played phenomenal for the first time all year in [...]

Tháng Năm 7th, 2018|

Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Hoodie

Overpopulation the problem? Not quite. Inefficient allocation of resources and waste is more of a Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Shirt. Thanos is the universes gardener. When a garden gets overgrown it need pruning. Although the universe is infinite and so there will always be more than enough resources forever.  Now what would have happened if Thanos used the gauntlet [...]

Tháng Năm 5th, 2018|

Review I Am A Marvelaholic Tank Top

  Visit  and you can get  with the most beautiful design, 100% cotton and high-quality fabric. I actually love the name True ❣...just wish she would have left the I Am A Marvelaholic Shirt! Its different and unique. For those of u who want a boring old name that everyone else has then pop a baby [...]

Tháng Năm 2nd, 2018|