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Snoopy butterfly Sometimes I just look up smile and say I know that was you shirt and hoodie

Next time I'll pay more for a reliable old style top load Speed Queen with a few turn dials that lasts 15 years. Just pull the OLD design specs out of storage and build me the Washer and Refrigerator I had 40 years ago. I DO NOT WANT High Efficiency washing machines or refrigerators that [...]

Tháng Một 15th, 2019|

I am the key to the home of your dreams shirt

I remember when items were made in America with quality and were made to last. I see this every day as an I am the key to the home of your dreams shirt. The fear is that the economy now relies on planned obsolescence in that employment sustainability has a kind of dependence for continued [...]

Tháng Một 14th, 2019|

Hard rock cafe Death Star hoodie

This is a great priority and arguably the moral answer to the Hard rock cafe Death Star hoodie we've been dealing with.Having components fail at different rates by design is wasteful and drives up entry costs. What we need for the good of the planet is less consumption and more maintenance and repair. Thank god we [...]

Tháng Một 14th, 2019|

I don’t need a man I need football and a tan shirt

And most interesting this one was in North Indian plain, not on earlier sites of Indus valley.Interestingly, jewellery made of carnelian, lapis lazuli and turquoise possibly exported from Harappa were found in graves in Mesopotamia. Obviously Trump needs to pump up his failing ratings after shutting down the government, failed trade war, failed tax cuts, [...]

Tháng Một 14th, 2019|

Outlander Jamie Fraser and Claire Fraser shirt

I feel so bad for this women to have to live this way and then have people violate her body on top of it. Checked the DNA of all staff 8 10 months before the birth of the child. And fire all the staff since they couldn't understand that she was pregnant, worse cover up [...]

Tháng Một 13th, 2019|

Official Wanted Dead and Alive schrodinger’s Cat shirt

The British people are getting totally fed up with these career politicians and only serving the best interests. They have blood on there hands and what is similar to nazi polices is their elitist views. I do hope she kisses her seat come the next election, or gets selected. He is also outed in leaked [...]

Tháng Một 12th, 2019|

My Patronus is a Pugicorn shirt

If you can't take it don't give it and listen to us for a change.If you are a Tory hanging around with people wearing the Union Jack as a sartorial statement you are gonna get called a nazi. Imagine if every person who worked in customer service over Christmas called the police out to angry, [...]

Tháng Một 12th, 2019|

Official Fly it like you stole it Puget sound flight tours shirt

Milking seeks something but I can’t see what he gets, i hope you never have to watch someone you love deteriorate with this wicked disease as I did with my Dad. It may be uncomfortable for some to hear but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be spoken about. He's raised awareness about topics that need [...]

Tháng Một 12th, 2019|

Back To The Gypsy That I Was Stevie Nicks Shirt

Then I had one on the edge of my cabinet but it was rearing up at me. Makes me wonder why and what all these public services that are worth millions in personal wealth are scared of. Donald Trump is a mentally unstable madman who's criminal mentality will see him launch American Nuclear weapons before [...]

Tháng Một 8th, 2019|

Amateur Mycologist with questionable morels shirt

Reminds me of the 30 incidences we had in that spider infested rental on St. Yup, that'd be me when I see a spider spiders wear Amateur Mycologist with questionable morels shirts and other nastier. Me threatening creeps on the video game, people are gonna call the cops on me any day very soon Don’t [...]

Tháng Một 8th, 2019|