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Rip Luke Perry 1966 – 2019 thanks for the memories shirt and hoodie

We actually know these stats I hit the link to see his name, thanks god his name not even close to my name. He see's this only as an opportunity to distract and cater to his Rip Luke Perry 1966 - 2019 thanks for the memories shirts. Makes you wonder Perfect timing though with the [...]

Tháng Ba 25th, 2019|

Official Deadpool and Unicorn You can just supercalifuckilistic kissmyassadocious shirt

All good and faithful fire arms owners subject to the act of one lone lunatic. There is absolutely no need for civilians to have these types of guns in their possession. Gun crazy Americans will never understand sensible Deadpool and Unicorn You can just supercalifuckilistic kissmyassadocious shirts when it comes to restrictions limitations on certain [...]

Tháng Ba 21st, 2019|

My Patronus Is An Assassin shirt

And then there are the army men cyber stalking single mothers online that get away with it. Daddy he said it with such a sweet little voice, i actually got teary eyed. Let’s bring all of them home so they can spend quality time with their families and loved one.It’s sad to see these stories [...]

Tháng Ba 21st, 2019|

Beverly Goldberg Merry Christmas Schmoopie shirt

Has anyone noticed that these two only seem to become an issue when the Mueller investigation is drawing all the attention on Trump. Republicans should smarten up and find a candidate to run against Trump or we will have a Democratic president. I would never allow my boss to publicly ridicule my husband in front [...]

Tháng Ba 21st, 2019|

The Grinch Nurse christmas shirt

If you got real sick or was hurt in an accident which of the two would be right beside you during that period of time. If they were to hold their Thanksgiving Dinner in Madison Square Garden, the event might be a sellout. I think George Conway is genuinely worried and he feels he has [...]

Tháng Ba 21st, 2019|

Dr Seuss I Will Drink Fireball Here or There I Will Drink Fireball Everywhere Shirt and hoodie

But then again trump talks about grabbing women and kissing them even though she was married. Regardless of whether this is a staged distraction or not, he has been put in a box. She might want to look in the mirror with that old ugly face and stand by her husband because men usually trade [...]

Tháng Ba 21st, 2019|

Ballet Easily distracted by dance and books shirt

She's more than capable of finding another job and a boss that doesn't attack her husband over Twitter for public consumption. She is probably banging Trump and gets paid off to keep quiet about it. Gosh, just about every aspect of the Trump administration is either a soap opera or a reality show. Buy it: Ballet [...]

Tháng Ba 21st, 2019|

Freddie Purrcury Don’t Stop Meow Shirt and hoodie

I realize Love is Blind, but for the Freddie Purrcury Don’t Stop Meow Shirt of me I cannot understand what he sees in her.I wonder if these 3 R playing a game to fool the media.IF YOUR WIFE TURN HER BACK ON YOU FOR HIM YOUR WIFE BELONG TO THAT MAN. I am sadder for the [...]

Tháng Ba 21st, 2019|

Freddie Mercury in the style of peanuts shirt

The more I read about this,the more it seems like something she puts on. Are you kidding she is sleeping with that Orange idiot right in the big house. I don't see how she, who works for Trump, can continue to defend him while her husband questions his mental stability. She says she doesn’t know [...]

Tháng Ba 21st, 2019|

Save A Pit Bull Euthanize A Dog Fighter hoodie

I love your first name Secondly, you’re right, large busted women are getting the crap end of the stick when it comes to finding supportive and durable bras with this company. Stopped buying their underwear years ago neither attractive or comfortable to have one side of your butt to tight, and the other side saggy. [...]

Tháng Ba 3rd, 2019|