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“Your makeup journey should consist of trial and error, but ultimately landing where you are confident and happy,” says Thomas. With that, read on to discover the best lip liners and glosses to pair for this lip combo sure to take you through fall and beyond. Remember, the liner you choose is the most important part of the look. It informs the resulting lip shade and how long the color will last. You want a pencil that glides on with ease, is highly pigmented, and won’t rub off easily (especially with masks in mind!). Etch the pencil along your natural lip line and overline where you want fullness. For a diffused finish, rub your lips together or blend the liner a bit with your fingers to soften harsh lines. Again, choose your nude or a brown shade for daily wear, though the below liners are offered in an array of fun, vibrant pigments.

The beijinger grateful dead x plastered shirt

Once you’re satisfied with your liner, it’s time to impart that reflective finish. The classic choice is a clear formula that will augment your liner shade—just look for something non-sticky, preferably with lip conditioning benefits like Laneige’s cult-favorite mask. Otherwise, you totally can opt for a tinted gloss too for a subtle wash of sheer color. Of everything that I am tired of reading—impassioned defenses of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers (but not the sole planet in the boundless universe where sunflowers actually grow), literally any sentence that includes the words “Number” and “10”—stories about the (alleged) love triangle between Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde, and Harry Styles might be top of the botox-necessitating list. The British pound now has roughly the value of Monopoly money, Putin is threatening nuclear war, the push-up bra is apparently back, and yet my WhatsApp chats are being taken over by discussions of what an OC star would have theoretically felt like if Ted Lasso lay down in front of her car to keep her away from an X Factor alumnus in sequined Gucci flares.

The beijinger grateful dead x plastered s hoodie

It’s the sort of deranged celebrity speculation that everyone got involved with during lockdown 1.0 and then—after leaving the house for the first time in months—felt vaguely ashamed about. And yet, I’ll admit it, I care about the recipe for this bloody salad dressing. I mean, how good could a dressing be that—in the event of your wife leaving you for perhaps the most discussed sex symbol in a generation—her decision to share it with him is what pushed you over the edge? How far could it possibly deviate from the three parts fat, one part acid ratio? Is this what Jennifer Aniston dressed that apocryphal Friends salad with every day for 10 years? Did Elaine from Seinfeld pour it over her “tomatoes the size of volleyballs”? Is there tahini involved? Some anchovy wizardry courtesy of Alison Roman? Could The Bear gang figure out how to make it for us all?

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