Sloth Camping Team We Will Get There When We Get There Shirt

Like any good goth, Lee has created many of her own outfits for both past and present videos and performances; it’s a goth signature to take a piece and subvert or destroy it, after all. For her “My Immortal” video in 2003, she wore cheesecloth bandages to mimic the Sloth Camping Team We Will Get There When We Get There Shirt lyrics of feeling broken. She was inspired to create the look after having seen a runway look in Vogue. “There was a model walking on the runway with a black satin ribbon wrapped underneath her arm,” says Lee. “That wrapping on the arm looks like a cast, but it also makes a connection to the brokenness in my heart.” For her “Going Under” video, Lee hand-sewed the shredded dress she wears in the underwater sequence. “I wanted zombie ballerina,” she says. “I just bought a plain white under dress and mountains of cheesecloth, and tea-stained it in my hotel room.” On the red carpet, meanwhile, a personal highlight was at the 2004 Grammys, when Evanescence won Best New Artist: Lee designed and wore a bondage-style, grungy-glam dress in collaboration with Japanese designer H. Naoto.

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