Geminipremium – Official Snoopy Happy Camper Vintage Retro Shirt

There’s been so much discussion in recent months about who we’ll be when the Geminipremium – Official Snoopy Happy Camper Vintage Retro Shirt pandemic finally ends for good. But I worry that not enough of us are giving ourselves credit for who we were during the pandemic and for how we showed up for ourselves during the largest public-health crisis in modern history. Does part of me wish I’d committed to a daily HIIT-workout-and-juice-fast routine that would have left me slender and toned by June? Yes, but come on. How realistic was that goal when, for most of the last year, I wasn’t even sure when I’d get to see my family in person again? Looked at in that light, the weight I gained isn’t an indictment of my willpower—it’s a testament to the fact that I made it through. When I really start to get stressed out about the impending summer season and the body anxiety it brings up, I think of what’s commonly referred to as the pool-party episode of the Hulu series Shrill, in which protagonist Annie (Aidy Bryant) attends a poolside gathering specifically for fat women. Written by Samantha Irby and directed by Shaka King, the episode beautifully chronicles Annie’s growing comfort in her own skin as she surrounds herself with people of all body shapes and sizes who have shown up for the express purpose of having fun; it’s clear how badly Annie wants what they have, and it’s genuinely beautiful to watch her set out on the process of finding it.

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