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I remember this happening one night all the way back in Work harder capitalist entrepreneur business owner startup shirt. It was on a Friday- and my family decided to eat out because that was what we usually did after getting through an exhausting week. So I recall us going to this place called the Rusty Nail- which went out of business a very long time ago. Then we tried again with Olive Garden- which is still open to this day. As we were going to the entrance- we realized that a ton of people were already standing outside. With that many customers NOT yet being seated- that meant it would be a long time before we would be getting to finally go in. So that did NOT work out either- and then we went to yet another restaurant to try again for the third time. I think I remember my parents saying that if we could NOT get into that one- then we were going back home. With this being over 24 years ago- I actually do NOT recall where we finally got to have our dinner at. Anyway, perhaps a year later, after my coworker’s mother disappeared, we all soon learned that her father had murdered his wife and buried her in the yard with a backhoe. He was caught and tried for malice murder. It chills me to think about it. In just the few minutes of meeting those people, with hardly any conversation between me and my coworker’s father, I somehow had the intuition that there was something not quite right about him. Just from his demeanor, I suppose. It’s not like I was picking his daughter up for a date or anything. But he seemed silently hostile.Work harder capitalist entrepreneur business owner startup shirt

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Not me specifically but my stepfather had a burn barrel in his back yard. Completely legal. His son also rode his dirt bike around their yard. Annoying but legal. One of the neighbors (he was next to a neighborhood but not a part of it) would call the cops on him all the time in the summer. He’d say we had a giant fire and it was dangerous. Cop would come out, tell the guy nothing illegal was going on and there was nothing he could do about us having a burn barrel in the back yard(far away from his or anyone else’s house I might add, they all had pretty large properties). He called about the dirt bike and cop said he can’t do anything because it wasn’t a certain decibel so completely legal. After that, when his son got the golf cart and dirt bikes out this man would grab a lawn chair and sit at the edge of his property holding a decibel meter thing over the fence and if it got close to that he’d call the cops again. After this happened a handful of times I think my stepfather mentioned harassment from the neighbor to the cop who seemed embarrassed to be there all the time. Cop went and talked to the neighbor and the cops never came back.

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