Do What Makes You Happy Holy Shirt

Nas has been accused of devil-worshipping, which, if you just watch the video, isn’t completely off point. The governor of South Dakota called the video “outrageous, disgusting and perverted,” right-wing pastors criticized the “wicked nonsense,” and Fox News happily weighed in, accusing Nas of mainstreaming Satanism. We were told that traditional values were crumbling, that our morals were eroding before our eyes. In conjunction with the Do What Makes You Happy Holy Shirt music release, Nas also dropped Satan Shoes: bootleg Nikes with “a drop of human blood,” which feels a bit high school goth. Nike, in turn, filed a federal lawsuit, insisting the shoes were made without their “approval and authorization.” I understand the party line here, but this kind of controversy doesn’t immediately harm.

Do What Makes You Happy Holy Shirt

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