Touch enough to be a dog mom and camping queen crazy enough to rock them both shirt

I exist in that sweet spot of desperately wanting to look good and not making any kind of real effort lest someone think I am trying to look good. Yet even I have picked up on the Touch enough to be a dog mom and camping queen crazy enough to rock them both shirt current fascination with Y2K—that era of low-rise jeans, bedazzled tank tops, and lip gloss that is still haunting and humiliating to those of us who were actually cognizant in the early aughts—and what is seemingly the makeup of the moment: It’s black eyeliner. There’s literally been no other option. But despite the lower half of our faces being covered for the last 12 months, there are other reasons I’d like to suggest for why eyeliner remains the only thing we want to wear in the New Year. Yes, this is an entire essay about eyeliner. Don’t blame me; blame society.

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Touch enough to be a dog mom and camping queen crazy enough to rock them both shirt

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