Shenanigans squad shirt

“The message is essential,” he says. “To share my story of overcoming 20 years of drug abuse and now grateful to live healthy, clean and sober for over four years and make the Shenanigans squad shirt but in fact I love this best of each day… every moment is a gift.” While he focuses on living in the present, Curry hopes to educate the world on the importance of being an individual, to protect mental health, and to inspire others to find their voice. His advice to anyone struggling with finding happiness is direct: “Believe it or not, it gets better, I promise. Take it a day, an hour, or sometimes a minute at a time. Anything is possible. Everything is temporary. You are not alone… Reach out to someone. Get to the core of your pain, let it out. Discover your value, find your gifts, your art, your self-expression, your voice. You are beautiful and loved and have a profound function and purpose on this planet.”

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