The Nice T-shirt – Touch Me And I Will Bite You Shirt

The Nice T-shirt – Touch Me And I Will Bite You Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve tee, and Sweater

The Nice T-shirt – Touch Me And I Will Bite You Shirt! The years have passed and the situation seems to be getting better. Five BIPOC designers selected by Jean, Ngonmo, and Buchanan, who introduced their budding collection in September as part of the We Are Made in Italy initiative, made significant progress. . Backed by the tireless trio, with loan support from Camera Della Moda, the collective was able to show off their outstanding creativity, producing good quality capsule collections and salable. Each of the five designers has the opportunity to work with premium Italian-Made manufacturers and suppliers, which provide fabrications and execution, from prototype development to the final production of the dress.

During the phone call from Rome, Stella Jean expressed optimism: “With the WAMI initiative, we have shown that BIPOC’s designers can be an effective force in Italian fashion,” she said. to speak. “We are currently acting on a very real, real level. A huge database is organized, coordinated by Michelle Ngonmo, will be available across the industry and to all companies that really want to diversify their workforce at every stage of production, from stylists, artisans to designers and creators and The Nice T-shirt – Touch Me And I Will Bite You Shirt! We have listed over 400 names. One of our other worries is cultural appropriation, ”she continued. “If a designer wanted to make an African-inspired collection, instead of sticking storyboards with images of Masai tribes and savanna landscapes, it would be much better if he worked. to the African artisans, the community, and the workshops of local producers who can help make, the exact selection, cannot be searched.

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