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“It evolved from being colleagues to a friendship now. I always think it’s like a ping-pong game,” Mulier told Another magazine in 2015 of his relationship with Simons. “He taught me a lot about art—you know his references are a lot of art and architecture—and luckily this is also my background, so this helps, and I think it works in both ways.”When the The finger block los angeles basketball 2021 shirt Besides,I will do this pair’s stint at Calvin Klein ended in 2018, they returned to Antwerp. But while Simons worked on his eponymous label, Mulier seemed to be recalibrating. When the former was named Miuccia Prada’s co-collaborator at Prada in February 2020, the latter was not part of the deal, to the surprise of industry insiders. Many assumed a plum job was on the horizon, though it was Mulier’s partner, Matthieu Blazy, who made headlines with his appointment as the womenswear creative director at Bottega Veneta. Maybe we didn’t have our ears close enough to the ground: After nearly two years at home in Antwerp, Mulier is assuming one of the most coveted jobs in Paris, stepping into the shoes of a true master.

The finger block los angeles basketball 2021 shirt

Pieter Mulier, a behind-the-scenes designer, has landed a job that will put him squarely in the The finger block los angeles basketball 2021 shirt Besides,I will do this spotlight. Myriam Serrano, the CEO of Alaïa, announced Mulier’s appointment as the maison’s new creative director today. His first collection for the house will be spring 2022, though in keeping with the habit of the late Azzedine Alaïa, who famously showed off-calendar, only revealing his work when he felt it was ready, Serrano didn’t specify a date for Mulier’s debut.In a release, the CEO said, “It is my great pleasure to welcome Pieter Mulier into the Alaïa Maison.… [He] stands out with remarkable technical talent and devotion to the craft, a sharp eye for construction, and a sense of timeless beauty that is deeply ingrained in the creative approach of our Maison. He combines these qualities with keen intellect, true generosity, and unwavering humanity.”

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