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In two jobs I was fired because I would not go along w/malfeasance from above. In one case, the Dr Seuss green egg and ham shirt Furthermore, I will do this person above me wanted me to turn a blind eye to very serious inventory irregularities. In the other, the future of my company division was at stake and my boss was slacking. I refused to back off in either case. I saw the company president in one and wrote every member of the board of directors in the other. In both cases, my boss was fired – and their bosses, too. In one case I was offered my job back but declined it. In the other case, I wrangled severance. After that, I was also told that my best friend and girlfriend took me to my bed at one moment, because I was getting sleepy from all the alcohol. It seems we were chatting for a while before I started to caress my friend’s thighs, as I’d do with my girlfriend. I had them confused and was making a move towards my best friend right in front of my girlfriend!! I was really frightened after hearing this, feeling like I didn’t have control over myself. When he finished my haircut he put his scissors down in full view behind me. Answers a phone call. he had to move away from the area l was sitting 2 hairdressers we’re hovering around checking out the Scissors. I continued reading a magazine at the time. Not thinking the Worst. He walked back to me and noticed straight away the Scissors were Gone. Yes, he was upset could not believe what had happened thought it was a Joke. No, it wasn’t. So while I was picking out oranges, I happened to look up to see this man walked in with a cart. As he stopped at the apple section, I saw this lady grab his cart and started pushing it away. I can’t believe that this lady just grabbed his cart right under him! The manager would do a “dock check” which is a normal security procedure. She would open the dock door and slide the racks out the back into the parking lot. The third employee thief who wasn’t on the clock that night was out back in a car. She and the manager would load the clothes into the car. The manager would roll the racks back and finish her “dock check” heading back to the floor.

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