Proud to be Confederate shirt

Proud to be Confederate shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt
While sitting in the Proud to be Confederate shirt Furthermore, I will do this office, I notice the 2nd subject walk in the entrance on camera, so I watch what he does. Lo and behold, the same thing, but now with a different card and a completely different name. I search that name, and the same deal as before. Now I’m sure they’re using stolen cards, but I don’t have any concrete evidence – for all I know they could have non-typical names. Now I think I have enough reasonable suspicion, and I call the police to report a case of “possible credit card fraud in progress.” While I’m on the phone, the subject tries two more cards. 5th is declined again, but the 6th works. By this time, subject 2 seems to be spooked and talks his buddy into leaving with him. As the two walkouts, I’m still on the phone with the dispatcher, but I figure that they’re done for the day, they’ll get in a car and leave, and a cop will be by in a couple of hours to pick up my report and video. Then, to my surprise, the dispatcher tells me the beat officer just cleared his last call, is just around the corner, and on his way.

The cop was able to stop the two just on the other side of another department store in our mall, and he called me out to do a witness identification that they were the two I called about. After confirming, he told me he was taking them to jail (shocking me because this is California and they give criminals pats on the head and move them along 85% of the time when no one is physically hurt) and that he’d be by after booking them for the video. When he came by, he thanked me and told me that they had just done a bunch of smashes and grab burglaries out of cars parked at the other mall in town, and had something like 10 people’s cards and info in their possession, most of whom hadn’t even realized they’d been victimized yet. As the program director of an FM radio station in Poughkeepsie, I hired a woman to produce public service announcements. After a few weeks I realized that rather than giving airtime to various non-profit & organizations working in the public interest, she was focusing solely on women’s issues. To be clear, it wasn’t because I was opposed to women’s issues, I created this program to give deserving organizations an opportunity to get their messages on the air.

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