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Barely keeping balance this cage went up the Skinny Jeans side part laughing emoji shirt Additionally,I will love this ramp out of the car park, through pedestrian streets and then uphill again into the lift. Once we got to our floor we had to tilt this cage back just to squeeze it through some scaffolding in the way, all on the wheels of that docile pallet truck. I made an open note to throw the supervisor off the roof of he makes me do anything so fucking stupid again. The building is being renovated, is a grade II listed building. it’s got several floors and is fucking huge. I’m in the car park beneath and we have been tasked with moving these cages. About 7ft tall, meter wide, and 164kg in weight. Did we get a forklift? Did we dismantle and later reassemble? No, we got a docile fucking pallet truck you probably see in your local supermarket. We get to our floor, I enter a hallway when out of a side door comes to a guy dressed in thick blue PPE and a mask. ASBESTOS REMOVAL on the back of his high vis. Now, I have asbestos awareness, which means I can identify it if found, then everyone leaves the area and it gets isolated off for the removal operatives. The fact I was less than two meters away from someone who I should be nowhere near was astounding. One of the line workers decided he would eat for free in the cafeteria. He would walk around, pretending to be picking up stuff to buy, but would be instead stuffing his mouth full of bacon. You might get away with that once or twice, but he kept doing it. So he lost a good-paying job, for bacon. I am stuck in a marriage with this person who has paranoid personality disorder with some narcissistic behaviors. It has been a painful 20 years. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Can’t wait for my youngest to grow old enough so I can walk and rebuild a network of friends and live a peaceful life. The lesson I learn is that don’t marry to fast. The most charming person you meet is very often turn out to be the most toxic person.

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