Nice I Survived Snovid 21 Texas Strong T-shirt

Nice I Survived Snovid 21 Texas Strong T-shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve tee, and Sweater

Nice I Survived Snovid 21 Texas Strong T-shirt! After surviving a few COVID pauses, the Baylor Lady Bears No. 7/8 (16-2, 11-1) team thawed from its historic winter freeze in time to head north for the match. with Oklahoma (8-9, 5) -7) at 1pm on Sunday at the Lloyd Noble Center in Norman. “I can’t do anything, the wise man in basketball. When you don’t have electricity, you can’t turn on the TV and your computer doesn’t work,” said coach Baylor Kim Mulkey, who has no electricity in the house. know. for a few days this week. “I’ll read some stories on my phone, text some people, and really just stay in the cover.” With an unplanned three-day break following last Sunday’s 60-35 win over Texas, Lady Bears returned to the Ferrell Center’s training ground on Thursday and began preparations for Sunday’s match with Sooners.

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It’s good to have everyone back,” Mulkey said of Thursday’s training. “We didn’t even talk to them much after the game in Texas because we were in a hurry out of the gym and the parking lot. We talked about the game in Texas and looked at some things. When we get back here (Thursday) we went through the scout report on the OU and we will work with it on some details (Friday) and then we will depart in the morning to Norman and the Nice I Survived Snovid 21 Texas Strong T-shirt! “Going through a streak of eight wins and a slim lead at 19/24 West Virginia (17-3, 11-3), Lady Bears had a Wednesday match against Mountaineers that were postponed due to weather. and travel conditions. and reschedule for Monday, March 8.

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