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In Nam’s work, she also strives to honor the Trump 2024 no more bullshit shirt in contrast I will get this memories that clothing holds, an idea that is perfect for someone like me who sometimes has a hard time letting go of their beloved but never worn pieces. “What happens when you take this brand, mix it with something vintage, and then create a whole new garment? What does that represent?” she says. “Then, I break down those memories and values of those garments and develop a new garment.” Currently, Nam doesn’t create collections and is making pieces one-off for clients and editorials. “How can we stop using so much? There is so much fabric and clothes in the world,” she says. “And yet we’re producing so much more. We could probably create fabrics out of old clothes without producing any more new clothes for a very long time.” As for my pants? Nam put them into dress form by using several different fabrics, including a pair of donated Levi’s denim jeans, a vintage dress from a sample sale, men’s cotton pajamas from a thrift shop, and a floral-print cotton that was cut from Nam’s own clothing, transforming it into a more downtown-minded patchwork dress. I won’t be able to wear the look just yet, though: It will be displayed at Onomatopee Museum in the Netherlands in an exhibit, #10Dress10Textile, that will include 10 of Nam’s creations made from beloved castoffs.

Trump 2024 no more bullshit shirt

“Making the Trump 2024 no more bullshit shirt in contrast I will get this decision to stop working full-time for others and really focus on what I want to do during a pandemic wasn’t the easiest choice to make,” says designer Patricia Voto. Nevertheless, the New York–based creative—who’s spent the past decade working with the likes of Joseph Altuzarra, Rosie Assoulin, and Gabriela Hearst to bring their visions to life—knew the time was right. Today, with the launch of One/Of, an upcycled, ready-to-wear brand “born from vestiges of heritage brands and designed for evolving modern life,” Voto has drawn on her vast industry experience to create a line that’s sharp, sustainable, and entirely her own. Christensen took her Australian Shepherd, Kuma, for a walk today wearing an ensemble that was cozy, but chic. The model’s base layer was a beige jumpsuit, which she paired with an unexpected pop of color: a shearling, Zara, button-up coat in bubblegum pink. She even coordinated her sneakers so that the coat could truly pop. There were no gloves or winter hat here: she wore a striped headband instead. After all, the look is practical, but it’s not meant to be totally utilitarian. The streets are her runway! And Kuma is the best possible company down the catwalk.

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