gorgeoustee – Three Skulls In March We Wear Green Shirt

While 2020 has opened our eyes to far more profound injustices at the heart of Western society, one of the less-expected liftings of the veil was endured by the world of celebrity. As many around the world struggled to make ends meet or to care for sick family members during the pandemic, platitudes from celebrities in their Beverly Hills walk-in wardrobes noting that “we’re all in this together” had a tendency to go down like lead balloons. “Is the age of celebrity over?” asked the BBC, while a headline in the New York Times declared that “celebrity culture is burning.” In the words of The Guardian, “the coronavirus crisis has exposed the ugly truth about celebrity culture and capitalism.” While patient zero was undoubtedly the video led by Gal Gadot, featuring a coterie of actors and musicians singing John Lennon’s “Imagine”—“one pandemic at a time, please” read a memorable response on Twitter—a backlash to once-beloved celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Madonna, and Vanessa Hudgens saw posts that might usually be perceived as humorously out-of-touch appear infuriatingly tone-deaf instead.

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