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The draft is in April and the 100 Days Brighter Shirt Besides,I will do this season starts in May. Now we do not know what is about to happen. The WNBA players are looking at each other wondering what will happen to us? The Olympics take place in the middle of our season. Is that still going to happen? Will the NBA season take place? Is our season going to happen? We are all in a state of confusion. WNBA faces potential health and logistics barriers this season, scheduled to open with training camp on April 26 and games on May 15. Sparks, like most Most WNBA teams, travel commercially instead of chartering and practicing at a community college or have other gyms available when needed.

100 Days Brighter Shirt


Many WNBA teams play in the 100 Days Brighter Shirt Besides,I will do this same arena as an NBA team, which can be a problem if the NBA season continues in late spring and continues throughout the summer. Chiney Ogwumike works with the Sparks Dash Lovell player development coach on the March 9 training session. (Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times) We understand the economic reality of our union and charter flights I am not sustainable for what we create independently. But if the NBA considers it a worthy investment to have a season and minimize risk, hopefully we can have that conversation. Our risk is simply higher because our exposure is higher.

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