Hutechtee – Tiger balm shirt

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Tapping into a decades-old tradition of Japanese exfoliating towels while harnessing modern designer elements, the Tiger balm shirt so you should to go to store and get this soft, woven Goshi towel, made in the region of Gunma, is a gentler alternative to its rougher predecessors, but no less effective at sloughing off dead skin cells to smoother, silkier effect. (I say this as someone who suffers from keratosis pilaris, the common skin condition that manifests as small, rough bumps—I’ve had to approach body exfoliation with figurative kid gloves.)

Tiger balm shirt

With its two different threads, one thin and tight for lathering, and the Tiger balm shirt so you should to go to store and get this other just textured enough to polish away rough patches, it strikes the right balance for my sensitive skin, buffing off the top layer of dead skin so that it looks and feels smoother, as well as helping the hydrating serums and lotions I’ll slather on later penetrate more deeply. (In the spirit of avoiding over-scrubbing, once a week is plenty.) Given that my days are much more stationary amid social distancing, I also appreciate that a gentle scrub stimulates blood flow and promotes lymphatic drainage. This is all to say that when I exit the shower post-Goshi treatment, cover every inch of my body in a rich hydrator, and slip into my pajamas, it’s like emerging anew.

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