You look mean I am move shirt

Biden would have won even more states on Tuesday if he weren’t on the You look mean I am move shirt In addition,I will do this ballot. He got in when he thought Joe was flailing, his number one goal was to beat Trump. A Bernie presidency would have cost him and all millionaire and billionaires too much. Trump will get Thanos snapped also, Bloomy wants Trump to get demolished, and he wants to say he had some part in that. He isn’t good in a large room of debaters, but one on one, where he has more time, he will kill Trump. Having said that, he is intelligent enough to find a way to make lemonade out of lemons.





















































































Bloomberg has been described as an arrogant man, I think it unlikely that he wound intentionally set himself up for this type of humiliation and ridicule. Lots of people think he should’ve given handouts instead:) The bern is really screwing people’s minds. He gives no phucks Thank you, Bloomberg, I like how everyone feels entitled to an opinion about what one should or shouldn’t do with their hard-earned money. Watch, whoever wins the You look mean I am move shirt In addition,I will do this nom will have an office and staff waiting for them in all the major battleground states. The rich are rich for a reason because they have control and use it. It’s just nothing for him, probably money from the Trump tax cut and soon Biden will help him get some more with some new loopholes.

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