Crocin around the Christmas tree shirt

The main Big Bad villainous character only appears in 2 out of 8 books and the Crocin around the Christmas tree shirt But I will love this main characters aren’t particularly concerned about her in the other books (Ethel Hallow is more of a bully type villain rather than a take over the world villain like Miss Cackle’s sister, although Ethel is the main villain in some of the books the most villainous thing she has done is probably trying to get Mildred expelled). Even if they kicked and punched with velocities several times as fast as the fastest human punches they’d achieve nothing. It’s not just that they have biological plate mail all over their bodies; they weigh next to nothing. A human sneeze can easily weigh more than an ant. Because they weigh next to nothing when compared to us there’s minimal amount of force involved when they kick and punch each other.

Crocin around the Christmas tree s hoodie

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