The Latest T-shirts At The End of The Month

The Latest T-shirts At The End of The Month, Hoodie, And Sweater

Benjamin, there are already some sustainable brands in the market. Why do you feel the need to create another brand? And what is the difference between Sanvt and a brand like Armedangels? Personally, I believe that there should be no brands today that at least are not geared towards more sustainability. At Sant, however, we feel the need for a brand to bridge the gap between sustainability, high quality, and affordable prices. Armedangels is a great example of a brand that pushes the traditional image of fashion to be sustainably produced in a more modern approach. But after all, it is still a fairly common business model! and The Latest T-shirts At The End of The Month: seasonal products, based on short fashion trends. We want to go one step further and deliver significantly longer timeless products while feeling great. A prime example here is our perfect T-shirt made from super-long cotton. Here, we decided against organic cotton, Lyocell, or other widely used eco-fibers because we couldn’t get the level of quality, and therefore we were looking for. In this way, we also want our customers to appreciate the real value of clothing again and set an example by challenging fast-paced fashion consumption habits. It sounds paradoxical, but basically, we want people to buy less, but better clothes.

That’s right, we don’t think a great basic garment product needs to be completely reinvented every season. From a customer perspective, this has benefits that one can trust 100% on garments! and The Latest T-shirts At The End of The Month. For example, every time you buy our perfect T-shirt, it will have the same style, material, and quality you have experienced before. From a business perspective, a permanent collection also has a few advantages: We can plan long-term plans for our stocks and don’t need to mark them at the end of the season. Not offering discounts has also been priced into our business model, which means our customers pay a fair price in the first place without artificial marking at the beginning of the season. Less pressure on stocks also allows us to supply our garments in a much wider size range. Instead of six standard sizes (XS-XXL), we currently offer 20 lines because each width is also available in different lengths. Finally, a permanent collection also allows us to continually improve existing styles with each release. Instead of starting each season, we carefully listen to customer feedback and gradually refine our basics and take them one step closer to perfection.
Does that mean no new styles will be added? Nothing. It just means our collection will be maintained while adding new styles should also be in an essential wardrobe! and The Latest T-shirts At The End of The Month. We will be launching a new color for tee in the next few weeks and we are ready to develop completely new apparel: sports-inspired formal pants, Oxford shirts, and classic polo shirts ready. We are also planning to begin an adventure to develop some classic knitwear for the upcoming winter.
According to research by Greenpeace, each German has an average of 95 items of clothing. How many pieces do you think should be in your closet? How many garments do you own? Ha! I actually asked myself the same question not too long ago! and The Latest T-shirts At The End of The Month. I certainly own too much, even so, I constantly try to detox my closet. However, I have come to the conclusion that there may be no definite number, but I would bet that the average German can live with half of the garments without any compromises. The reality is that we all own too much: talking about me I wear only a fraction of what I own. I heaven counted my clothes, but I certainly owned too many T-shirts; But consider that I can try most of Sanvt’s validation forms, which are work-related. I also have a soft spot for sneakers so here I have too many ways

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