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Jason Voorhees No lives matter shirt

This girl told police that the assault has been happening for 5 years, but her story started falling apart the more times she told it. This girl was one of my sister’s friends. We took a week off of school during the final days of the case while my aunt, uncle, and a few people who are close to our family took the stand.

Into the wine not the label shirt

I served my country for my children’s future and I would fight again shirt

I just want to watch musicals and ignore all my adult problems shirt

We were told to stay home in case they wanted my sister or I to testify or give a statement. It was the fourth day of sitting at home anxiously while everyone else was at the court house when the jury finally came to a decision. The jury never got past a “maybe,” I’m not sure what it means but that’s what I read in the article that was posted about dad’s case.

Gump Lt. Dan 2020 he’s not a smart man but he knows what love is shirt

Forgive me if I don’t shake hands shirt

I was so excited to return to school the next week. We took that Friday off because there wasn’t a point in going to school for a single day. Unfortunately, we never actually went back to school. The schools closed that same week we were supposed t return because of the pandemic. But at the time, I was too happy that they weren’t going to take my dad away to care much.

Everybody had an addiction mine just happens to be heartland shirt

Eleven Films portland oregon shirt

Cleveland Browns tree Merry and bright shirt

You choose 3 you want and your name is in a hat for that gift. They range from iPad’s, washer/dryers, furniture, computers, more cash and a car. The car is for the employee of the month winners. Everyone gets a gift. I can’t remember what all he’s got, been mostly cash. One year we got a touch.screen computer another an ipad and cash.

Chips Salsa 2020 shirt

Black flies matter shirt

Vul Gate shirt

I’ve worked for several crappy bosses over the years, which happens if you work freelance, but thankfully I’ve always been professional enough to maintain cordial relations with companies and people.

Schlatt for president join the one percent shirt

Schlatt 2020 Merch shirt

Rico nasty have you seen my iPhone shirt

I was 16 and still in school studying for my A levels and trying to make some cash so I took a job working weekends and Wednesday evenings as junior printer for a guy who operated an old fashioned reverse-lithographic printing press. The job was a good one and the guy had a niche where he was using recyclable paper and biodegradable inks to cater to the growing “environmentally concerned” business market.

Official Unicorn Row Row Row your Pontoon gently the fuck away from me shirt

Official Schlatt 2020 shirt

Marty whatever happens don’t ever go to 2020 shirt

Krusty krab pizza the pizza for you and me shirt

It worked quite nicely because I was helping him with his busy work but also using all the stuff I was learning in my A-level Business Studies course to help him with his business. The guy was to be frank a lousy businessman but a solid worker who had fallen into the common trap of thinking “I’m a good printer so I should go solo and run my own print shop” style of thinking.

I may live in canada but my heart and soul lives in Hawaii shirt

God save america shirt

December woman the soul of a witch the fire of a lioness Native American shirt

Chappelle’s summer camp donnell rawlings is the river ninja shirt

He was doing a good job at the print stuff but wasn’t great at the business side of things so it was a fairly good arrangement. When I arrived he was making good money but losing a shit ton to taxation. I made it a kind of school project to help him turn his business from a sole trader to a private limited company and open the door to funding, limited liability, less taxation and just generally being more professional to the businesses that were looking his way.

Albies to Melancon shirt

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