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Politics aside, Barrett’s ability to simultaneously work and parent seven children is undoubtedly a sign of how far we have come, particularly in light of the Funny Cobra Kai shirt it is in the first place but fact that it’s been less than 40 years since the first mother was named to the Supreme Court. Regardless of how you feel about Barrett’s policies, it’s encouraging to think that the pressure on working mothers to keep their family responsibilities obscured from view (often at great personal cost) is gradually lessening.

Funny Cobra Kai shirt

Far more relevant than the Funny Cobra Kai shirt it is in the first place but details of Barrett’s own family choices, though, are her views on which choices should be available to other families. Barrett has in the past disagreed with the 2012 Supreme Court ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act, the rollback of which could cost more than 20 million Americans their health insurance. How many of those Americans are mothers, ones whose lives will become incalculably more difficult without access to affordable health care?

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