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Now we know why all of those companies were giving zero experience hunter all that money. It was so he could buy crack. I’ve heard (and I’m sure you dems can testify) that sh_t gets expensive after a while.I sure hope senile old joe reads that NY Post article. He should study it carefully between now and when charges are brought against him. Having dementia and no memory of your crimes is not a defense. If poor senile old joe wins he’ll be impeached and removed for his criminal behavior and he won’t even remember why.

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Haters gonna hate. She’s beautiful and I think she looks classy. Good for her. Ignore the sexist trolls. Philosophy: She is power in her natural gift. The natural beauty is a pretty one. I believe her husband must be a patient handsumman.Opinion: I think I will with friends to Finland.Travel: Finland here I came that!Family: Her husband must be proud of her.Politics: Her philosophy is as the passion of the cat of the tiger’s eyes. She will do her best when it comes to politics.Prize: Congratulation, bravo!

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