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Sanders could win Michigan but it’s scary because the Veteran American Our Flag Does Not Fly Because The Wind T-shirt suburban Democrat may do a protest stay at home vote. That group that I talk to feels very strongly against Bernie (I’m in that cohort and love Bernie but am only finding supporters among non college educated and some young voters). :Though Sanders could take the Trump swing voter in Michigan for sure. Sanders won our primary vs. HRC in 2016. I think Sanders/Bloomberg or Bloomberg/Sanders could be really interesting if they would ever agree to it and I believe that ticket could win Michigan. I’m not worried that they are 2 older Jewish guys, I think these 2 particular men could excite a lot of people around here (if they are together). I think Bloomberg/Buttigieg or the other way around could be a disaster because the Democrats might not get the Democrat minority vote… and I’m having a hard time seeing how that ticket excites non-educated voters… but maybe that gets enough Republicans/people who voted for Trump (though I worry our “bible belt” will not vote for a Jewish guy and a gay guy over Trump…. hopefully I’m wrong).

Veteran American Our Flag Does Not Fly Because The Wind T-shirt

I think Sanders/Yang or Bloomberg/Yang could win. Anyone who knows about Andrew Yang around here seems to like him. I find him so lovely in the debates and he is the only one talking about AI and “researching nuclear energy” and really helping people NOW who are already affected by climate change and globalization etc.; I read his book and think that anyone who reads it or understands his compassion for underemployed men, homemakers, disabled and the geographically unlucky (those of us in manufacturing states or those of us affected by climate change….) would be a fan. Unfortunately I do not think Elizabeth Warren can win Michigan (and I really like her). Reminds me of the HRC reaction around here; I could not talk people out of that one. Warren really bothers people I know (including Democrats and a lot of women, unfortunately); Bernie does too but he also seems to have more devoted fans than she does.

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