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The Snoopy I Hate Morning People Shirt, Snoopy Morning and People T-shirt most positive “swing voter” responses seem to be regarding wanting to “learn more about Bloomberg” (the educated suburban voters I know) …. so I am starting to think Bloomberg could take Michigan Trump voters from him in a 2 way race… and I hear “I like Bernie” (less college educated …. the college educated around her seem to really dislike him)…and some interest in Andrew Yang from everyone who knows something about him. My most educated friends like Buttigieg by far the most, but those were people who were going to vote for the Democrat anyway (I have not talked to a single Trump voter who said they would vote for Buttigieg). I don’t understand the visceral negative reaction to Elizabeth Warren but it’s real around here (from Democrats….). Biden has made one too many gaffes and most I talk to say “he’s too old”…. but it seems like the Democrats I talk to would come out and vote for him if he is the nominee.

Snoopy I Hate Morning People Shirt, Snoopy Morning and People T-shirt

It also seems that all of the young people I know will vote exactly as their parents do (only a few voting Democratic when their parents are voting Republican but those have moved to blue states). There is a group of kids I know from University of Michigan who live in blue states but have chosen to register to vote here …. so that could be interesting if that group really mobilizes (Trump’s 0.23% over HRC represented 10,704 votes and there are about 24,000 out of state students at University of Michigan… and a small sample size recently found 13% are Republican, 42% are Democratic and 25% are Independent).

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