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I have lived in Michigan my entire life and have been asking a lot of people this same question. I’m really trying to figure this out too because I know Michigan could be a crucial swing state because Trump had a statistical tie with HRC (47% to 47% vs HRC; 4% were “other”)…. winning Michigan by 0.23% of the vote in 2016. Almost everyone I ask thinks he will win again, which I believe reflects what they are seeing in Michigan. While my college educated friends and family were excitedly watching the Pizza I’m Curry and I like it T-shirt impeachment vote, Trump seemed to trump the Democrats again with a huge rally in Battle Creek, Michigan … which many of my social media “friends” were “liking”. The people I know who voted for Trump are planning to vote for him again. This includes white educated business owners (mostly men, their wives may split the ticket); white non-college educated men, Indian Americans, Muslim Americans, Jewish Americans, Catholics, many people I know with a gun etc. He annihilated HRC in Macomb County, widely considered “working class” and white and supposedly a “swing county”. He’s there all…. the …. time… its seems like. As are his kids.

Pizza I’m Curry and I like it T-shirt

Some people voted for him but say they will not in 2020 and those few seem most bothered by his behavior and some say his refusal to acknowledge the science of climate change. I don’t think everyone is so impressed with the economy around her either (which I blame less on politicians and more on GM/Ford/Chrysler’s seeming inability to make cars that consumers actually want to buy). For those who say they “might not” vote for Trump again… I ask “so would you vote for Elizabeth Warren?” and people almost always say a strong “NO”…. same adamant “NO” for Biden (except some Baby Boomers who were going to vote for the Democrat anyway). I don’t hear anyone saying Warren or Biden would take their vote away from Trump.

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