Gnomiestore-Mr Vice President I’m Speaking Kamala Harris T-shirt


I’m not saying Christianity is much better, I’m just saying we have enough psychotic religious nutjobs as it is. But Mr Vice President I’m Speaking Kamala Harris T-shirt to be fair some of the nutjobs are even atheists and go by the name of antifa. Regardless of that, my family has witnessed first hand what islamists think of and do to atheists, tolerate the intolerant you say? No thank you. So I don’t agree with the left or the right but I try to stick beside the Constitution, something tells me I’m not alone. I’m sure that there are more people like me out there.

Mr Vice President I’m Speaking Kamala Harris T-shirt

I’m Socially liberal, fiscally conservative, but that’s just because a derogatory label doesn’t yet exist I’m sure they’ll come up with After watching the Democratic debates I can’t say my opinion has changed much. Me “Oh the Democrates are fear-mongering for mob rule, well let’s see what the Republicans have to say? Theocracy you say? Oh ok well that’s nice, well we’re fucked. While it may not have been THE factor in the 2016, Russian interference was a large factor in the 2016 elections and served to anger and enrage Conservative white voters and help energize the Trump base and wing of the Republican Party. This then increased their turnout… And with the decision by the Trump administration remove Russia’s sanctions, particularly on the Oligarch most involved in what happened in 2016… one can assume that the Russians will be involved again in 2020.


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