Gnomiestore-Eagle If you haven’t Risked Coming Home Under A Flag T-shirt


The Eagle If you haven’t Risked Coming Home Under A Flag T-shirt Democrats have four models in the showroom currently: a moderate white guy, either old or young, and a firebrand Democratic Socialist, either male or female. Whichever one of those can best energize the base, that voted for Obama, is their best hope. They have not helped themselves with their constant Trump derangement syndrome, offers of more “free stuff”, and impeachment. So the odds are in Trump’s favor right now.

Eagle If you haven’t Risked Coming Home Under A Flag T-shirt

But Trump is a hard guy to like, and makes it easier for the left to energize their base. Of the four models on the floor to choose from, none of them really get the heart pounding. If Trump wins again, there will be a lot of luck involved, just like the first time. And that shows the very machine like nature in the way the Republican Party votes. They may not “love” their candidate, but they’ll generally still vote for him regardless. The Democrats may generate candidates they love… but if their candidate doesn’t win… they’re not going to support the one who wins. And right now going into 2020… the Democrats have around 20 possible candidates from various parts of the Democratic Party’s tent… and while there may be many Republicans that are uneasy with Trump’s actions as President… they’re still going to vote for Trump, because that’s how the system works.


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