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He’s claimed to have saved the coal industry by removing the Charibow of I can’t bring my Dog I’m not going T-shirt regulations on it. But no new coal mines have been dug. No increase in production has been done. Why? Primarily because the demand for coal is no longer what it was in 1880. Our trains run on diesel/electric motors. Our ships run on diesel engines, and those ships that don’t are either nuclear powered warships, or sailing ships for recreation. About the only place where coal still has a use is in electric power plants, and even there, the demand is going down in favor of a transition to Natural Gas.

Charibow of I can’t bring my Dog I’m not going T-shirt

The world isn’t going to go backward to technologies from the late 1800s to early 1900s. Saving what coal jobs are there now doesn’t help the coal miners, it merely protects the industry they serve. The thing that would actually help the miners is to have something that they could transition to… but that’s easier said than done… and thus Trump’s decision to defend the industry and claim he’s created new coal jobs that don’t exist because the demand for coal has not increased. Common sense would dictate that it is always best to govern from the middle and nearly every US President has tried to do so… or at least sell that they’re governing from the middle. However, since Obama’s election in 2008, things have begun to shift and particularly on the Republican side. Angry that an African American DEMOCRAT won in 2008, the Republican Party has moved ever more into a base driven party. The Tea Party elections in the 2010 elections was not driven by center-Right Republicans. It was driven by the Republican base on the extreme-Right on an extreme anti-government platform, and they won in 2010.


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