Collection of the latest men’s T-shirts

Collection of the latest men’s T-shirts of the year shirt, hoodie, and sweater

This past January, during men’s fashion week in London, designer Paria Farzaneh invited guests to the wedding of a boys’ school in East London. A bride sits on stage in a traditional white lace dress before a Persian pastry party and vases filled with pastel roses and baby breath. The groom, sitting next to her, wore a paisley printed ski jacket, a high neck, and gagged against pandemic masks. An elderly community leader in a black suit presided over a mock ceremony in Farsi, where viewers sat down by gender – men on one side of the aisle, women on the other, even though men outnumbered women. gender and eventually violated their part.

This is a deliberate move by Farzaneh aimed at highlighting the power imbalance she feels in her industry – where a woman truly leading her own brand is still something. rare – and is typical of subtle gestures against our present stress embedded in her stream. At the end of the ceremony, the groom got up and strode down the aisle, followed by a procession of young men dressed like Farzaneh’s fall 2020 collection of the same name, fused with swagger. and the oversized silhouette of streetwear with the graceful earth color palette of hand-printed Iranian textiles.

For me, fashion is merely a foundation for something much bigger,” Farzaneh said. This is not to say that she dislikes the design process or that the design is not a tool. She may be one of the few Londoners who, a few months after the pandemic, went to Milan, where she spent a few weeks working on her next collection and talking more directly with factories. Italy where she researches and develops her fabric. She is particularly interested in fabrics and crafts and sources her signature cotton fabrics from Isfahan, Iran’s historic center of carpet and textile production. They feature intricately forged patterns, walkways, and other motifs hand-crafted in the ancient tradition of Ghalamkar printing, in which finely hand-carved wooden blocks are used to imprint flowers Writes up a length of fabric one color at a time, only as a guide by the eye artist.

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