Stylish Street T-shirts

Stylish Street T-shirts, Hoodie, Longsleeve tee, and Sweater

The Stylish street T-shirts! Halfway through 2020 with most of the spending in the course; This year has officially been tagged as the year of lounge attire – sweatshirts, joggers, hoodie, pajamas, mainstream, etc … From street chic to athlequin, the cozy couture trend is an option. Ideal for expressing style comfortably from your own home. With temperatures rising every day, breathable fabrics like viscose and modal are great options. These loose fabrics are environmentally friendly and degrade within 4 to 6 weeks, making them a sustainable fashion choice, according to Nelson Jaffery, Head of Design at Liva.

Sonali Brid, Assistant Professor, Fashion Design Department, ITM Institute of Design and Communications, said: In this corona pandemic situation, experts really want to feel comfortable working from uniforms. This makes the clothing category a favorite choice for suits and skirts and Stylish street T-shirts! We are spending a lot of time indoors but spending this time in style is a great idea. This is why loungshi is seamless, comfortable and support serves as the preferred choice. So from morning to night and from the kitchen to the screen, these items make you feel comfortable, look beautiful, easy to work with and great for relaxing, she added.

IANSlife spoke with style experts Jaffery, Brid and Abhishek Yadav, Design Head, Spykar lifestyle to make some choices to follow this trend until the end of the year. Tight pants may have been the best choice for lounge attire and when hanging out around the house but that’s no longer the case. Sweat pants have become a new street style. They can easily cooperate with tank top, hoodie, T-shirts easily. Throw in a cool pair of sneakers for wearing 2 miles and the Stylish street T-shirts!

With the special form of skinny pants and the unmatched comfort of leggings, this is a hybrid called Jeggings. Jeggings are not only comfortable but also stylish. They can be combined with any crop top along with shoes or mules depending on your appearance. For a more stylish relationship, you can try black jeggings with a sparkling crop top and some gold or silver jewelry and the Stylish street T-shirts! Bomber jackets are perfect if you want to keep yourself cozy and kill at the same time. Bomber jackets are a good time and look both men and women; it’s summer, summer is a must; Wear it with shorts, for a sporty and no-fussy look.

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