Have A Nice Day With A Nice Shirt

Have A Nice Day With A Nice Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve tee, and Sweater

Have A Nice Day With A Nice Shirt! It is very good to eat different places. We ate at Country Corner Cafe, a favorite of my two children. Dad cooks a few times (he cooks quite well). We went to Rolla and tried the new grill location. That is the Texas style. Texas-style kebabs are not as much as smoked meat. When I was in Texas, I tried to find Memphis or Kansas City barbecue. It is hard to find. Texas is quite proud of itself. Lots of smoked meat. But I ate at my sister (she’s also a good cook). The landscape change when I looked down on my plate was nice.

It was good to see different people. I have seen many of my wives and children since March. Only a handful of others, and infrequently, and often on video screens. I go to church online, I talk to friends online. It was great to see a number of different faces. Some familiar. Some unknown. But the change of landscape is nice and the Have A Nice Day With A Nice Shirt! A familiar looking ambiguous face, but in a way that all rural faces can look the same. I was at Dollar General buying something. I’m standing in line. We were all spread out, six feet apart on the small rows all stores ordered us. There is a guy trying to pay. There is a couple behind, waiting. Then it was me.

Poor Card Card guy will run correctly. Maybe it’s the strip on the back or the chip on the front or maybe he just ran out of money and realized it right before God and created. I was there. It was a little embarrassing. The clerk tried a few times, then came back to get a manager. It doesn’t last that long, but when you stand in line holding some things it may feel long and the Have A Nice Day With A Nice Shirt! I was looking at the couple in front of me. The boy in particular. He was the person with the familiar hazy face. Gray t-shirt. Camouflage hats, I thought. Maybe 50 or more. Gray hair, a little past the ears and down the neck. I know that describes half of Salem, but that’s all I have.

After a few unsuccessful attempts with the card and the manager being called, the guy I’m following came over. He politely offered to pay young men. You only have two or three things. The boy looked at him, funny, but reluctantly accepted. The clerk ran a few of their items and gave them a total, including their new friends and the Have A Nice Day With A Nice Shirt! I moved up one line, getting closer than six feet to the register. I observed the whole thing with an unconscious smile on my face. The boy thanks the couple. Salem Every Man nodded a mixture of empathy and low self-esteem, making the whole thing seem no big deal.

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