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I moved to Louisiana finally and even after I got here he’d still call me up and want to continue reeducating me. I put up with it for a little longer but he’d become ridiculous with it. I want to choose what I believe. Not be told what to believe. I don’t worship corporations or liberals. I do think for myself even if it takes me10 years to do it. And i dont want to be rushed. No brainwash victim here. Ive actually becime more conservative on the surface because the liberals are so horrid these days one has to back into conservativism just to get away from their horribleness.

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I believe that under the US Constitution, any citizen accepting a foreign title must give up US citizenship immediately. Everyone just glossed over whether Meghan herself started on the road to British citizenship, because if she had, she wouldn’t be allowed to remain in America. She’s not entitled to dual Citizenship because none of her directnblood relatives are British, so in reality she has to choose one or the other. Everything about this woman seems to have been glossed over.

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Albei it very comprehensible to perceive that the U.S. is simultaneously one of the biggest economic and military powers, but it would be quite devastating, fearsome decision if the willing comes from Washington to engage in war with China. Because China is quite different now from what it was 20 years ago- not comparatively powerful in both economy and military strength. But they are far enough this time, can easily be enlisted for world’s one of the biggest powers. Within 25 years, they have enriched nearly all of their military dimensions in Sea, Air, Land, Space, Cyber etc.

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Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum last week, who oversees U.S. military forces in Asia, indicated China that “the greatest long term strategic threat to the United States”. He was concerned about China’s rapid military build up that could be provocative to escalate the tensions running around the South China Sea.” Furthermore, a senior international and defense researcher at Rand, said in a statement- “China has been developed in every sectors what matter today to lead the world. They have missiles that can down airplanes, sink ships and aircraft carries, could theoretically reach U.S. regional bases in Japan and Guam.

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Spending is the transfer of ownership of money from one person or entity to another. The spender gives the money to the recipient of the spending, and that amount of spending becomes income for that recipient. In the macroeconomy total spending equals total income so that net income equals zero. In this model the spending we are talking about is gross spending. In other words when we are accounting for spending we are accounting for all the spending, all the transfer of ownership of money.

Michael Myers I’m nicer than my face looks shirt

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If you don’t listen to the propaganda media then you won’t hear anything about Police and misconduct. The liberal media uses the nations Police forces to try and undermine Pres. Trump and continue dividing this country. Here’s a fact you won’t ever hear on propaganda media. For every Black man shot by a White cop compared with every Black man shot by another Black man it would take FORTY YEARS for the Cops to equal the same number. Also what you won’t hear is when these thugs are shot they are breaking the Law.

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