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Farfetch’s Seidel also reported a shift in customer interest to the Dog I raise tiny dinosaurs shirt and by the same token and craft and care of fashion. What’s most encouraging to me is the noticeably increased interest in both sustainable brands and pre-owned pieces. There was already a growing consciousness around buying more mindfully,  she says. Here, the biggest message for designers, retailers, and customers is that buying is an intentional act and it has to stand for something.

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We’re living through a cultural moment that is distinctly deprived of good news, which may help explain why I yelped and almost spilled my coffee upon hearing the Dog I raise tiny dinosaurs shirt Next came the drive-in live music concert. Notably in July was the Beanstalk Music Festival in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Onstage, musicians carried on as usual with their performances but in the audience, parked cars sat in a silent fieldthe show was transmitted via an FM radio station (rather than speakers) to avoid disturbing the neighbors. More recently, this weekend, across drive-in theaters across the U.S. and Canada, Blake Sheldon streamed a pre-taped show featuring special guests Gwen Stefani and Trace Adkins. Though the sets weren’t live, the shared experience was as close to a pre-pandemic concert as one can safely experience these days. And another type of entertainment has adapted to the drive-in format: the drag show. Audiences of Voss Event’s Drive ’N Drag series (which will continue through August) can see the likes of Lady Bunny and Aquaria strut around in their finery from the comfort of their cars.

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